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Meet Patrick Phungwayo's brother who is defending the alleged BURGLAR

There are football fans in South Africa who believe that PSL footballers are above the law. In many cases these professionals when they get into trouble they usually walk out scot free without barely a slap on the wrist.

On the field these individuals are often given yellow cards and red cards for offences committed. Likewise these individuals must be severely punished for committing offences off the field as well.

Hailed as one the best left back defenders to ever grace the PSL, former Orlando Pirates player Patrick Phungwayo's life woes has taken a turn for the worst post his playing days. With the latest crime statistics showing a significant rise in housebreaking and burglary, Phungwayo has since taken the same route as he was recently arrested for committing such an offence.

According to reports Patrick Phungwayo was arrested on Wednesday alongside his 46 year old friend during a housebreaking incident in Lombardy East, Johannesburg. Furthermore it is reported that on their getaway car they were in possession of three firearms, a stolen TV set, cellphone, gloves, balaclavas and housebreaking equipments.

On Thursday the pair appeared before the Johannesburg Magistrate Court where they were denial bail with the state set to confirm the address of Phungwayo's accomplice. Phungwayo's older brother Audrey has publicly went to defend his sibling where he went to reveal that the former Orlando Pirates defender was not capable of committing such an offence.

According to Audrey, two hijacked cars were found in Patrick Phungwayo's home after a friend packed them in the backyard as he owns a car panel beating shop. Furthermore Audrey would go to share that Phungwayo does not spend much time at his home, so his friends have access to his place and they usually park vehicles at his premises.

Audrey would further go to mention that these guys were chased by police, leaving the vehicle at Phungwayo's place and when he went to investigate that is how he was apprehended. Furthermore Audrey would bluntly deny the reports that his brother cannot afford a R1500 bail.

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