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Uzalo Mumsy Looks Like A 20 years Old, How Old Do You Think She Is?(OPINION)

Young beautiful Swati actress Nomcebo Gumede is one of the young talented actresses we have in the acting industry who are working their way to the top of the industry, Nomcebo made her debut on Uzalo in 2017 were she plays the character of Mumsy a young beautiful woman who uses her charms to make man do what ever she wants. Mumsy was one of the most hated characters on Uzalo as viewers felt that she doesn't care about anyone but herself only and she uses her loved ones to get herself out of her self created problems.


Mumsy hadn't been appearing on Uzalo for quite a long time and she just made her return a few months back, fans began to love the new mumsy as she had changed alot and she is nothing like the old Mumsy. Her storyline is growing a lot on Uzalo and she is also growing in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Although Nomcebo hasn't been in the acting industry for a long time she is slowly learning a lot and building a successful career in the the industry. Since Mumsy came back to the show viewers have become more interested about knowing her personal life, one of those questions is wondering how old the the actress is however Nomcebo doesn't reveal much about her personal life and her real age is unknown. However she could be in her late 20's or early 30's.

Pictures: Instagram

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