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Breaking| The municipal election results have been updated. See how the table currently stands.


The tables are expected to start changing as the results that have been processed are currently at 58%. ANC is dominating most parts of South Africa as there is an indication of green on the national (voters) map. However it is the first time where we see ANC leading at such a low rate.

The ANC is leading at 46,42%, the DA stands at 22,5%, IFP stands at 4,5%, the NFP stands at 0,48%, the INCOSA stands at 0,17% and the EFF stands at 10,09%. Keep in mind that the IFP, NFP and INCOSA are above the EFF in terms of the highest number of seats in a council.

Like always, ANC is the the outright favorite party but the difference this year is that many parties are putting a lot of pressure which has caused the ANC to decrease in efficiency. What are your thoughts on this? Please like, share, comment and follow Newsfield365 for more news. Thank you.

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