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10 Things That Will Likely Happen If Julius Malema Becomes President Of South Africa. (OPINION)

Though the EFF and Julius Malema appear to be unlikely to form a government in South Africa, should this happen, all hell will break free in the country, according to the statistics.

If the EFF is elected to govern South Africa, the following are the most likely outcomes.

01. First and foremost, Malema will expropriate whites from their land without compensation or negotiation and transfer ownership of the land to blacks, who are in fact the rightful owners.

02. Following that, the vast majority of white South Africans will flee the country and will almost certainly be granted asylum in other countries. In the event that violence arises, asylum will be given much more quickly in such situation.

03. The South African currency, like the Zimbabwean dollar, will suffer a significant decline.

04. The EFF's plan to take away "white business" will come to a grinding halt because a large number of those businesses will either close down or relocate their operations elsewhere, resulting in widespread unemployment.

Food production on farms will either be drastically decreased or altogether eliminated in the near future.

After some time has passed, people of color will most likely be celebrating, but those festivities will come to a stop when they realize the gravity of what they have done.

In addition, the small amount of money that will be left in the state budget would almost certainly end up in the pockets of corrupt EFF members, while the poor will continue to suffer.

08. Buildings and infrastructure will completely fail as time progresses if they are not replaced or properly maintained.

In addition, trade imports and exports from and to other nations will decline, further depreciating the ZAR as a result of the decline.

10. South Africa will become another Zimbabwe, sanctioned from all sides and from all angles while its people continue to suffer in poverty.

Pray to your God, ancestors, Allah, or whatever you believe in, because if Julius Malema is elected President of our country, there will be no good that can come of it.

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