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He was seen learning under street light, and this is what he was surprised with.

Not long ago, a photo surfaced on the internet of a youngster named Salim Khamis, a grade 6 student in Kenya, doing his schoolwork at night under a security light because the house lacked a power source for him to study.

According to the individual who shared the image first, Salim's mother is unemployed and they live in a leased property; with these financial constraints, they struggle to purchase electricity.

When he observed what the youngster was accomplishing, he realized he had a bright future ahead of him, and so he appealed to the public for assistance in realizing the boy's dream.

When they saw the message, they were all moved and decided to join forces to assist Salim in achieving his ambition. They agreed to purchase a solar panel and batteries for him to study with.

Kenyans and other cooperatives got together to deliver on their promises and purchase exactly what they promised.

People are relieved that at least a portion of Salim's goal has been realized, but what matters most here is how the community joined together to assist him, which is what every person must do.

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