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The worst insult Ramaphosa has ever said to unemployed youth is finally revealed. They attack him

The South African president has made a statement that did not sit well with millions of unemployed South Africans. His remarks do not show leadership qualities, however he might be uttering the hurtful truth. Statistics showed that millions of South African youth are living without a job. This brings financial instability and failure to provide for their families. Poverty increases drastically each and every year in South Africa. The president did not have to make a point about the skills and qualities of young South Africans at this moment. It is a hard pill to swallow, and there has to be a huge change in South Africa. Jobs are scarce and the leadership within the government is fighting hard, but yet there is no change. Everything is blamed on the pandemic, and this should not be the case at all. 

The South African president had the courage to say that unemployed youth in South Africa lacks skills and qualities. This is literally saying that unemployed youth do not have the ability to carry out certain tasks that do not need education as well. It was seen as an insult to the poor citizens, as there is immense pain of going to school for more than 12 years and struggling to find a job. Everything leads to depression and suicidal thoughts, this is traumatizing indeed. The president said this statement at the wrong time, this is a time whereby South Africa is experiencing its highest unemployment rate ever. The president could have kept his words to himself, as the country is now divided, and he has been attacked on social media. 

It is comprehensible that lack of skill plays a huge role in unemployment, hence this is the reason why foreigners are hired to carry out certain tasks that most South Africans fail to do. It is also the education system that needs to be amended. Learners and students are not taught skills, but more theory, which does not aid them in working fields. There is a dilemma all over, and people continue to attack Ramaphosa for what he has said. See the source imageSee the source image


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