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'I am going to kill your passenger' says man beating a lady in front of a driver

SOURCE: taxi was filling guests from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, on the video, the man is seen consistently battering the girl without stopping. Even after he was asked to stop what he is carrying out in the eye of the general public. Individuals were left fuming online after seeing the video, it entered your mind that males have a long way to go when it pertains to appreciating a lady.

A video has actually left individuals speechless on the internet after being shared on social networks, on the video a guy who looks 40years older is seen battering a girl inside a taxi. Although it is unidentified how the battle separated. The man can be heard telling the chauffeur that he will eliminate his guest.

His actions were clear that he does not care about all other individuals' sensations, what broke the heart of lots of is that inside the taxi there were individuals seeing instead of boxing the man for battering a woman.

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