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Here is how to make your own grape juice.

It’s very easy to make fresh grape juice at home without juicer – just blend the grapes with water ...


2 cups Sweet Ripe Black Grapes or Red Grapes (or any sweet grapes)

1/2 Lime or Lemon, optional

1-1½ cups Water

6-8 Ice Cubes

Green grapes, lemon juice, black salt, ginger, and sugar should all be blended together.

Blend them up until a smooth paste forms.

Utilize the bowl's strainer to filter.

Put chilled drinks in glasses.


Depending on the sweetness of the grapes and taste, adjust the sugar amount.

For a flavor that is refreshing, blend in a few mint leaves. Another fruit that is available this winter is grapes. Make your own healthy juice for you and the kids at this time. Juice is very straightforward. You could do this to save the money you were spending on juice. Share your thoughts on this article. Please remember to "like" and "comment" on this article.


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