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What Are Hawks Doing At Enoch Mgijima Local Manucipality Offices?

Enoch Mgijima local manucipality made headlines in the newspapers and the social media earlier this week,this came after the manucipality unvailed a sports facility which they claim to have cost a whopping 15 million.The dissappointing sports facility with a very poor infrastructure got many south africans fuming and questioning the amount of a tender,the manucipal manager was invited by the one of the south africa's biggest media house eNCA earlier this week,when asked about how the sporting facility came to be 15 million rands,she said the initial amount that the manucipality and the contractor agreed on was actually twenty two million rands but the manucipality decided to lower the price to 15 million.At the same time,in the very manucipality,many scandals came out this week,it has been reported that the very same contractor who built a dissapointing sports facility had once been awarded a tender to build a taxi rank and he also fumbled.Meanwhile,the hawks were seen making their way towards the controversial manucipality with a convoy of the vehicles,the people were ululating and the one woman was heard saying "we want our fifteen million".The deep rooted corruption in the south african manucipalities has caused the taxpayers a huge amount of money for nothing.There's been a call for the government to do away with the tender systems as they have proven to be more unreliable since the dawn of democracy.There have been many corruption scandals involving a very top politicians where the tenders were illegal awarded to the unfit and incompetent contractors,these contractors would in most cases be politically connected to the top government officials.The province of the eastern cape is known to be very rural and the politicians seems to be capitalizing on the people's silence.This is one province with a very rich history,the former president of south africa,the late Nelson Mandela was from this province,but the province and it's citizens haven't yet tasted the fruits of democracy like other provinces.

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