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Good news: 350 SRD grant for September will be paid on this day

People are expected to recive the SRD grant for the second time since the grant was extended again in July. Most people are complaining that they were wrongly rejected while others have been approved but have not yet been paid since. The grant was extended due to high unemployment rate and most business were affected by the pandemic so they were forced to retrench some of their workers.

The grant was special made for unemployed South African citiziens even if you are a care giver who receive child grant you still qualify for the grant. Most people have received their first payments for August and SASSA has made it easier for beneficiaries to receive their money on time by paying out SRD beneficiaries in different payment method.

Most beneficiaries are stressed that they have not yet receive their September payment and its almost the end of the month. SASSA has released a statement to their beneficiaries that they should not be stressed about their money as payment are underway. The also apologise for paying out late. If you have not receive ypur September payment ypu should not be stressed as long as ypu are approved you will receive your money.

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