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8 Signs That You're Dating The Wrong Person

Being in a relationship with the wrong person is a problem that can be difficult to diagnose. Nonetheless, such a connection can have a significant impact on your life and cause a lot of problems, ranging from squandered time to serious family issues. Connecting your life with someone who does not initially treat you well or who does not share your values often implies taking a purposely wrong road.

However, it is not always feasible to state with certainty that the partner is not the type of person for whom changing his life would be worthwhile. We made the decision to learn how to spot an unhealthy relationship in order to prevent making the same mistakes again. So, here are eight (8) indicators that you're dating the wrong guy.

1. You express your concerns frequently, but nothing actually happens or changes.

2. It's becoming increasingly difficult for you to trust your partner. You become concerned about your partner's whereabouts, which causes you distress.

3. Your partner is always busy, unable to devote time to the relationship, and your schedules are incompatible.

4. You've begun to adopt unhealthy habits and lifestyles, such as compromising your sleep, not eating enough, and consuming excessive amounts of substances while under your partner's influence.

5. Your relationship is a never-ending, exhausting, on-again, off-again saga that doesn't seem to end.

6. You don't have much time to spend with your family or friends. Your lover also requires your undivided attention and is possessive and clingy.

7. Your partner never listens to you and the relationship revolves around him or her.

8. You and your partner in the relationship lack intimacy, care, and comfort.

Everyone needs to be cherished, loved, and respected in a happy relationship.

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