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THlS Funny Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Photos. We Love It

This Guy Is A Genius

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1. Katy Perry Pool Party "California girl, you'll never forget. Fine, fresh, wild. Average Rob and Katy Perry had a pool party in the backyard, but remembered that they didn't have a pool, so Katy said. I brought this children's pool.

2. When Ellen asks for the secret talent you have The average Rob has long dreamed of meeting Ellen DeGeneres, and she finally invited him as a guest for Season 200. Ellen asked if he had a hidden talent, so he decided to show her this move.

3. "Hey, why?" Spider-Man landed next to the bus and Rob found a great opportunity to take revenge on his Atomic Kitten. He took off his pants and invited a popular superhero. Spidey wondered why Rob had to show his ass all the time.

4.24K bubble bus "Tonight the magic of 24 carrots is floating in the air. Fortunately for you, I like it." Bruno Mars called Average Rob for a 24-carat gold bubble bus party. I invited you. Rob thought this meant that there were more females, but he was happy to hang out with his fellow Bruno.

5. No one laughs here The title of the album is "LMAO", but Average Rob and Kendrick Lamar don't seem to laugh. Kendrick asked Rob to write a poem for a remixed version of his song, and they recreated the album art.

6. Tighten firmly "I think my heart will continue no matter where I am, near or far." Did you forget that Average Rob was in the iconic Titanic scene with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? You may have missed it because the two were swarming so close together.

7. "That was RiRi, the last bag of trumpets." The average Rob met Rihanna at the gas station market and fought for the last bag of trumpets. Unfortunately, Rob lost the battle. Rihanna got the trumpets, locked them in the freezer, and could see her eat them.

8. "Yes, there is mud on my pants." Never tell Eleven that you don't like her dress. Rob found a difficult path and Eleven threw him to the ground in a puddle of mud. Not only was he injured, but his new jeans were also dirty.

9. "Mash, you are a little beast!" This gives you a glimpse of one of Rob's dreams. In a dream, he was driving a bulldog puppy against The Chainsmokers. Needless to say, it was a strange vision and he woke up very confused.

10. "Who is wearing a jogger in the sauna?" Rob was hanging out in the sauna when David Beckham decided to join him. He started laughing at David by wearing sweatpants in the sauna. It's so hot inside that men usually just wear towels.

11. "Hi Buddy, get out of the car" Rob parked his car to run in the store, and Conor McGregor decided to use the parked car for photography. Connor didn't move when Rob returned to his car, and he's the last person you want to discuss.

12. "Look, it's a small room, how funny it is." When Mark Zuckerberg and Selena Gomez are sitting in a small room, you know it will be fun. At least you can guess from this picture. The average Rob accompanied these two to the meeting and wondered why they were laughing so loudly.

13. Embarrassing family photo After participating in her first pregnancy shoot, Rob was invited to a photo of Beyonce's birth announcement. He accepted the invitation, but was confused as to why Jay Z didn't attend.

15. Drive the town with the crew Whenever Jay-Z and Beyonce invite you to Cuba, you should say yes. Rob was allowed to fly on her private plane, but he didn't like Cuban food very much and threw it next to a classic car.

17. Keep the hedges in place Taylor Swift has many lots with large yards that require maintenance. She hired Rob to cut hedges in one of her plots, and he cut them all differently. Taylor was so impressed with his design that she asked him to go to another house.

19. "Leo, I marked you, stop running." As some of you may not know, Leonardo DiCaprio is a big fan of water brands. As we saw above, after Rob and Leo worked together at Titanic, they became close friends. They like to fight water guns on weekends, but Leo always tries to cheat.

20. "Can you be quiet, some people try to sleep" Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made a noise running down the hallway at midnight. Rob slept and woke up from the noise. He opened the door and asked them not to make any more noise, but they passed him.

21. "Cannonball!" During the vacation between Beyonce and Jay-Z, the family and robbers held a diving tournament. Blue Ivy was a judge and she was a harsh critic. Beyonce wasn't diving, so she scored 3 out of 10. JAY-Z was on the way, so he got 5 out of 10 points.

22. When waiting for food to arrive Billie Eilish has only just appeared on stage in the last few years, but Average Rob soon became friends with her. She was a nice guy, invited him to her house and spent a pizza night in matching outfits.

23. "Be careful, President ... come in" While practicing skateboarding skills in Washington, DC, Rob and his friends met Donald and Melania Trump. They almost hit her with her skateboarding trick, but Rob kept him out of the way.

24. He gives this masseuse a bad rating Cardi B invited Average Rob to his home and asked him to try a new massage table. Cardy began to stab his back with her very long nails, and Rob wasn't a fan of the technique. He gave her a 1-star rating on Yelp.

25. Once upon a time there was a car sick vehicle in Hollywood Once upon a time in Hollywood's Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Average Rob met in the car for a photo shoot. It wasn't the best idea for Rob to get sick, so he vomited.

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