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A Warning To All South Africans

For this my mind had to travel through time, to the moment of the execution of Solomon Mahlangu, to remind myself as to why he was considered a symbol of resistance. Upon his last words I was inspired to write this warning to all South Africans. 

I have been questioning our beliefs about liberation lately, realizing how complacent we have become with the corruption that has engulfed our country. It troubles me that we don't consider being deprived of basic services such a sanitation as a sign of oppression but look at it as an act of a negligent government. 

I don't believe the fruits of freedom were only meant for us to fight against racial segregation only but against everything that puts us back to an era of struggle, where we have to have certain strings of connection to get a job. Take this as a warning, If we don't unite and fight against corruption today, if we don't fight against paying bribes for jobs, this will soon be normal. 

Having stated all the above, with the hope to trigger something in your thoughts. I rebuke picky democracy, we have to continue running the race with the baton we were given by those who come before us. We are now selective to what we know freedom to be. Anything that mistreats us is not freedom!

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