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For Parents: 5 Hurtful Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids When You Are Angry

Words have such power that they can elicit a wide range of human emotions depending on what is spoken. It has an impact on adults, but it has a greater impact on children, which is why parents must be cautious about what they say to their children. Instead, say lovely and cool things to them all the time.

Although children can be a source of frustration at times. When dealing with children, parents should develop the mature habit of patience and never yell the following words at them, even if they are angry.

1. You're stupid.

Never call a youngster stupid, no matter what they do wrong, unless you want to ruin your relationship with them. Children are demoralized by being labelled stupid, and they believe they are unworthy of accomplishing anything well. Please correct a child as gently as possible rather than calling them "dumb" in front of them.

2. Your sibling is better than you.

Children are amazing animals with a variety of skills and abilities. The fact that your child does not perform as well as his brother does not mean he is not exceptional in other ways. Furthermore, that statement may be depressing or cause animosity between the two children.

3. I wish you were never born.

When furious, some parents can go so far as to lament why a certain child was born according to the conditions they are experiencing. It's important to remember that each child has a certain role in life, and the Creator intends to work miracles through them. So you should never say something like that to a child?

4. Stop acting like a baby.

Experience, not age, determines maturity. Don't expect your child who hasn't reached adulthood to be able to handle circumstances such as crossing the street alone or turning on the gas stove just because you want them to. Instead of whining about their lack of experience, gently guide them through the procedure.

5. You're a lazy child.

It's common for children to be sleepy at times, especially if they haven't eaten. Parents should not, however, use the media to describe their children as "lazy," as this causes them to perceive themselves in that light and continue to do poorly.

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