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Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp lit up again late on Monday afternoon Eastern time after a nearly six-hour outage that prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing its social media and messaging services.

One day technology shall fail mankind these things of over dependence on technology shall disappoint mankind what shall happen the day technology shall crash completely.

That's the danger of one company running all major social networks, they can hold the entire world on ransom, we know their corrupt system to get people hooked and control them.

For the first time i spared my life from the great depression of NWO cause i was offline. It's a win for me.

I need to be compensated I died 3 times because of them kept restarting my phone almost the entire night.

Ooh it was everywhere I thought it was only in Zimbabwe were the government sometimes plays games of switching us off.

I'v restarted my phone yesterday several times and I deleted my Facebook 4 times and download again why u doing this why. What have I done to u because I'm not using freemode Why me please respect me because I'm using Huawei P40.

Six hours without Facebook, Instagram, messenger, WhatsApp I can live without it keep it please I will use the old model system.

I only accept apologies in monetary form as long as there is no money involved to me these apps are still non operational.

Certain social media platforms had an outage I do not believe me shame. Our wi-fi was off as well as our data. We could only make and receive calls so it cannot only be social media platforms they need to be transparent. Google was off as well.

I took out my sim cards sanatised them,deep cleaned my fone,still didn't find the problem,rebought data bundles ,still nothing,was thinking visiting a cellc store this morning

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