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"My new BF turns everything into a competition." a lady plans to dump him after he did this

"My new BF turns everything into a competition. Now we are making smoothies to see who can make the best smoothies ….Last night he made us play a game of who can hold their breath the longest. I’m betting with myself that this relationship won’t see November. Seng’khathele zisuka", Twitter girl

even posted this man on my Close Friend list on IG few weeks ago and abo 


 were like “yoo friend we are happy for you “….Now I regret posting him because now I’ll have to get a new boyfriend before year ends

think you need to talk with your man about what his doing that you don't like, communicating with him will save your relationship but Twitter will make you dump him tomorrow. Relationships are not always perfect your so called friends will never tell you what they going through

Women with insatiable wants…that gent could just be trying to have fun in the relationship and he might not even see it as a competition but here u are…

I mean what’s wrong in engaging with who makes best smoothies and then laugh about it? Women

And imagine how this man would feel if he comes across this! Women preach communication but they barely communicate! How about u sit the king down and tell him how u really feel about this? Yet men are the ones who don’t know how to communicate

Why not communicate this with him, see how he feels about it. Doing the things you say he makes you do might seem like you are enjoying it to him. Sit him down and be open about how you feel.

Stop being boring and rise to the challenges. Create your own challenges and bring it. This is a chance for you to learn something about yourself and you bf. Just saying.

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