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15 Shots Fired At The Ferrari; But Mzansi Was Sh0cked By The Age Difference Between The Two 'Lovers'

On Sunday, a woman and a guy in a Ferrari were killed in a spray of gunshots in Soweto. The Ferrari was hit by at least 15 bullets.

A Toyota Etios blocked the two, aged 21 and 41, on the crossroads of Chris Hani and Klipvalley Road at 22:00 on Sunday, according to police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo.

According to Masondo, the Toyota's occupants fired several bullets at the red Ferrari before racing away. Both of the victims perished on the spot. Two murder cases were being investigated by police, but no arrests had been made.

"We appeal to the community to assist the police with any information that will lead to the arrest of the suspects. They can contact the Moroka police at 011 527-0000 or 08600 10111," Masondo said.

Masondo was unable to confirm whether the two victims were dating. A police reservist and her boyfriend were shot and killed in a Ford Mustang while driving in Soweto two weeks prior. According to News24, the gunman then returned home and turned the gun on himself.

The woman worked at the Diepkloof police station as a police reservist. The owner of the Ford Mustang was thought to be a forex trader, while the gunman was a cab driver who was thought to be the woman's ex-lover.

This killing has sparked a heated debate on Twitter. Check out some of the tweets that we have compiled;

Mandlovana: What’s this rubbish I keep reading on these comments. “ ANOTHER MAN’s WOMAN’ who said we belong to men? Who told you that you own us? Who told you you have a say on how I live my life ? Who said women are a men’s property?

Minister SthembiD: The minute your parents charge these men for you ,they have already made you property!!...You can't expect him to lobola/buy you for hundreds of thousands of rands then be okay with you f*cking another dude..I don't condone GBV and such behavior though kodwa cheating is wrong🤞😒

Freeza: Yep. Yep. The gents must learn to stay away from other gents ladies. Not gents will be kind to u and talk to u ngomlomo. My humble opinion because these ladies can also lie when they see money and wealth thus putting the gents lives at risk !!

Tshilidzi: This is not even about mjolo but about broke old men who are jealous and can’t accept that some people have made it in life. I doubt that if this guy didn’t have this car he would have been murdered. Jealousy is very dangerous

The Lone-Wolf: this is nonsense! So thieves and lotto winners who get expensive cars deserve the best women? The level of woman you will get is dependent on your confidence and more often than not your financial situation

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