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Sad news as Boity taken to Hospital after hit by a bottle by known celebrity


Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo scratched his face after having an argument with radio producer and podcast host Bujy Bikwa. 

Boity and Bujy are reported to have been at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand last night when an argument broke out. Bujy is said to have thrown a bottle of alcohol at Boity's face, which he left with a cut. Boity was hospitalized. 

Boity has initiated assault proceedings at the Midrand police station with the intention of provoking an assault. Bujy was arrested shortly after and spent the night in police cells. 

Bujy and Boity have not said anything about it, but Tweeps is shocked and asks Boity not to drop the charges because they do not agree with what Bujy is alleged to have done to him. 

The musician and reality star from South Africa announced in September that there was a new member of the family.

Hitmaker Bakae featured his new puppy named Nala on his Instagram stories and featured the dog as his new baby. Boity has two other Pomeranian dogs in Asante and Sana. 

When talking about babies, her mother thought she was pregnant in June 2021 after lying to her about her pregnancy. Modiehi Thulo was so excited that she started crying and hugged the star. After finding out that her daughter was lying, she hit her. 

“I lied to my mom and told her that she was pregnant and she started crying and hugged me. I felt so bad that I told her she was joking and she hit me! At least now I know! ”Boity tweeted. 

Boity was also a guest on Lasizwe's popular YouTube show - Drink or Tell The Truth with Lasizwe.

During the episode, Lasizwe asked how he felt when her ex, Cassper Nyovest, revealed that he had cheated on her through a song. Reluctantly at first, she admitted that she was embarrassed at the time. 

“You want to take me back in time 7 years ago, great? It was so long ago. Obviously I'm human and I didn't find out from the song, I just didn't know that he was going to put it in a song. He embarrassed me. "He Said. 

Although he knew about this before the record was released, he said that no one wants people to know about his business." Nobody wants people to know.

even if they don't have a name mentioned, obviously it could be understood. Bang obstacle (they hurt me). ”She added. 

Boitumelo is fine with his exes because she was in love when she started dating them. Just because things didn't turn out well, she doesn't see the need to denigrate them. “Because I chose you at this point, I loved you.

I don't want to treat you like you are a demon now. As you know, I also have to take responsibility because I was there. It hurt then, but now we have grown up, we are all friends now, we are fine ”. 

When asked who was the best of all his ex-boyfriends, she admitted that Khaya Dlanga was taking the trophy.

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