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OPINION| The ANC failed to keep an eye on service delivery when they were in power

Comrades have been asking me why I left active politics, I must be honest to say I'm not happy with the rubbish that is happening inside the ANC, some of us we rather just remain card carrying members of the ANC and the SACP, rather than being part of been part of those who are taking the ANC to the grave or writing it's obituary

I don't blame EFF for supporting DA or our Comrades in Mamusa soon to be renamed for putting the EFF mayor and speaker, even after our poor performance in the local government elections instead of doing away with slates and factions, and instead put best cadres irrespective of whether they are on the so called CR 17 or RET forces, we continue to fight each other who must be the mayor and speaker. But I must also say for me the interview of the mayors and speakers have not been helpful at all, because when you identify a suitable candidate you don't just look at qualifications but also the experience and the recognition of prior learning (RPL). For those who don't understand RPL let me make it simple for you with an example, you can have a person who have been head of the YCL international relations for five years, and might not be having qualifications in international relations but can analyse for you what is happening across the globeIf tomorrow for example the ANC want international relations officer are you saying the same person must not apply because he has all the knowledge, skills and experience he only lack a paper called qualification. It was our own comrades in the ANC that have been manipulating the lists, pushing factions, buying processes through money, slates and so on, including lack of service delivery and corruption and we thought that people are idiots, who don't see the wrong things we are doing. Instead of taking collective blame we are trying to shift focus to individuals like the NEC, some have abused women asking for job or tender

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