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Difference between different traditional healers

A Traditional healer that wears white and red becomes a learner first then undergoes training. They go to initiation school where they learn how to prophesy while others learn both prophecy and herbs, after initiation, they start practicing as traditional healers. They are highly respected healers among the people of South Africa, they can diagnoses, prescribe, and performs rituals to heal a person.

Herbalists are those people who know about traditional herbs, they don't prophecy and don't need a person to train them, they have vast knowledge about herbs, their knowledge helps all traditional healers and the community, most people go to them to search for traditional herbs they can't find elsewhere. They strictly specialize in herbs and provide a service similar to a pharmacist.

Traditional healers that specialize in herbalism are not trained by people they are known to talk with ancestors, they don't prophecy, you tell them your problem and they mix herbs to help you. They are shown people's problems and the herbs needed to help people in their dreams or visions so it's easy to assist during the day. The difference between them and herbalist is that they have ancestral clothing and can go to any herbalists to look for herbs they need to help people since herbalists are gifted with vast knowledge of where to find most herbs other people can't seem to find.

The people called initiators, train traditional healers who need assistance with understanding the type of gift they have and how to use it to help people.

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