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Why You Should Start a Side Hustle

Turning your passions into income has never been easier than in 2021. Side hustles are all the rage and various platforms make it so easy to get your name out there.

While there are several ways to gain financial freedom, a side hustle is one of those ways that also seems to make people the happiest since they can flex their creative muscles and feel more independent.

Having a side hustle allows you to create several streams of income and even if it is a small amount, it’s more than you had.

Do make use of all the platforms available to you. This includes various freelance platforms where you can advertise your gig and social media platforms where you can advertise for free or cheaply.

Do invest, save or spend the money from your side hustle well. The second income stream can only help you grow if you use the money wisely.

Don’t neglect your primary job. A side hustle should be just that - something on the side. Performing at your primary job is still key to ensure you secure your main income.

Don’t do something you are not qualified for or not good at - not only will this turn your side hustle into a side hassle, but it may have some negative consequences.

Some ideas for a side hustle:

- Freelance Writing

- Affiliate Marketing

- Virtual Assisting

- Photography

- Graphic design

- Clean or organise houses

- Create YouTube tutorials

- Woodwork on the weekends

- Become a personal shopper

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