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Disease prevention and treatment

3 days cure for ulcer, blood pressure, asthma, cough, diabetes, etc


It's another opportunity to learn and like the greatness of Nature.. 

Once-over of Common Health concerns and crisis treatment home fix 


Get unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea. 

Cut into pieces, flood with developed corn water for an hour. 

Take one glass cup on various occasions step by step for multi week. 


Get 7-8 unripe plantain, strip them, cut 

them to pieces and pound. Put everything inside a plastic holder, fill it with one gallon of water. 

License it to age for three days. 

Require one cup twice every day for multi week. 


Get a couple of seeds of mango, cut it into pieces and hold under the sun to dry. Work to powder. Put one spoon of the powder into a glass cup of water, blend it and drink. Once in a 

day for 3 per month . 

4. Disease/ARTHRITIS: 

Get 5 seeds of English pear (Avocado pear), cut into pieces and dry under the sun, work to 


Mix in with a glass of honey to shape stick. 

Require one spoon,3 times step by step until the 6 days. 

5. Hypertension : 

Get 4 seeds of English pear 

(Avocado pear), cut into pieces, dry under the sun and smash into powder. 

Put a teaspoon of this powder into your coordinated palp and drink. 

At the point when consistently for a significant long time. 

6. PNEUMONIA: Get a little pack of garlic, work to remove the 

juice. Drink a spoon and use the juice to rub the chest and back. 

.7. Outrageous COUGH : 

Get around 10 pieces of unsavory cola, drudgery to powder, add half cup of one of a kind honey. 

Require 2 spoons thricedaily for 4 days. 


Get 20-23 pieces of brutal cola, ginger of 

comparable sum and 3 bulbs of garlic. Drudgery everything and add a 

container of one of a kind honey. Require one spoon triple step by step for one 


10. Diabetes 

Get an unassuming pack of brutal leaf and scent leaves, 

smash out the water in them, add limejuice, squashed garlic and little potash. 

Take half glass of it twice consistently for one 



Get 2 pieces of aloe-vera,cut into 

pieces and put it in a holder. Add one container of interesting honey 

moreover, a glass of water. Take half cup of it,2 times step by step for one 


12. Woman UNDER HARD Labor : 

Get a couple of leaves of 

Cochorus Olitorus(Vegetable Leaf),squeeze out the water and 

give it to the woman under hard labour.She will pass on the 

kid immediately. 

13. Inside PILE: 

Get the leaves of pawpaw, aroma leaves and 

unsavory leaves, squash out the water. Take half cup double each day 

for 4 days. 

15. Ladylike cycle PROBLEM: 

Get 4-5 cola, ginger and garlic 

,cut them in pieces .Mix it with lime crushed orange and debilitate with water in little sum . Require 2 spoons each day for 3 days. 

16. Weight decrease : 

Get some corn silk, flood with lime orange 

juice. Drink half cup of it step by step for multi week and moreover leave on 

real exercise. 


Get 3-4 pieces of cola, ginger and garlic, cut 

into pieces. Mix everything in with lime pressed orange. Take 2 

spoons step by step until, it is done. 

19. Internal HEAT : 

Get some measure of dry pawpaw leaves 

furthermore, cashew leaves, flood with water and drink half cup step by step for 

multi week. 

20. Lack of sleep : 

Add 3 spoons of honey into a glass cup of milk. Set aside all at rest effort for multi week. 

21-. Cardiovascular breakdown : 

Drudgery 12 bulbs of onions and 12 bulbs of 

garlic together. Get 3 holders of honey, consolidate as one. 

Require 2 spoons triple each day for an impressive timeframe. 

23. Beginning phase battles IN CHILDREN : Get a blend of lime 

crush and honey; let it be of comparable sum. The child should require one teaspoon twice step by step until the issue is done. 


Get immense measure of guava leaves,pound,add water and channel. 

Drink one glass cup triple 

every day for multi week. As you are taking that, eat carrot and cucumber step by step for quite a while. 

25. Quick EJACULATION : 

Get 3 bulbs of Okro,slice them; get 

its dry seed, mature everything with soda water for 2 days. Take half cup step by step for multi week. 

26. Weak ERECTION: 

Get 6 bulbs of white onions, grind and 

separate the juice. Mix the juice in with honey. Take 2 spoons triple 

step by step for multi week. 


Get 3 pieces of serious cola, a couple 

ginger and garlic, work and add lime juice. 

Debilitate with water. 

Require 2 spoons double each day for multi week.

Content created and supplied by: Raphtee (via Opera News )


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