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Cyril Ramaphosa Patrice Motsepe Oppenheimer Herman Mashaba biggest Mistake

One day capitalist will take everything the have invested in the political parties.

Harman Mashaba ACTION SA should be able to provide the neccesary stability to all without being controlled by white capitalist monopoly.

Like a fashion big business white man in South Africa sustain monopoly on power by putting money in political party like the way patrice Motsepe did in funding his father in law politcal party ,who is the south African President.

Political Greed for power gives capitalist monolopolist power to own and control the country ,now Action SA president Herman Mashaba has sold us for cheap too. To white capalist monopolist who funded his political party.

This shows that Herman Mashaba's greed for power will lead him to do anything even neglecting his responsibilities becuase when investors come they need to own resources and secure business interests in return.

In this way all south africa's small businesses owned by ordinary citizens has no chance,becuase big man in big money had already secured their position through politicians and soon the white capitalist will be providing commandment to them.

As long as ACTION SA recieved received R16.9 million.R3.3 million from Rebecca Oppenheimer,R5 million from Martin Moshal

Than the south African dream of land distribution will never come true ,becuase these investors are white capitalist who own a big share of land and will always encourage ACTION SA to chase away African black businessses because the are a threat to Oppenheimer, Martin Moshal businesses.

it is no longer about black south african foriegners but chasing them away to secure investors interests this is what ACTION SA has been doing to gain investors interest.

According to IEC reports not only did ACTION SA sold south Africa alone other parties also recieve a share of fund this include

ANC received just over R22 million,R15 million from Chancellor House Trust,R5.8 million from African Rainbow Minerals (Motsepe),R366 000 from Cyril Ramaphosa

Action SA received R16.9 million, R3.3 million from Rebecca Oppenheimer, R5 million from Martin Moshal

DA received R16.8 million,R1 million from Naspers, R15 million from Martin Moshal.

This is how political parties sold south Africa in exchange of political power.


Edited Nelson Abasi

Content created and supplied by: Nelson-Activist-news (via Opera News )


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