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JUST IN: Action SA president Herman Mashaba confirmed they voted with the DA to unseat ANC

Action South Africa and Herman Mashaba made it clear from the start that they had no intention of forging a coalition with the ANC. 

When it came time for the parties to vote today, Action SA chose to vote with the DA in order to oust the ANC. 

When asked about it, Herman Mashaba stated that it was merely a strategic maneuver, but that action sa and the da were not in Coalition. 

Herman Mashaba further stated that the DA would be in the minority as a result of this decision. 

The reason for his party's refusal to work with the ANC, according to Herman, is that citizens have voted and proven that they are uninterested and have lost faith in the ANC. 

Action SA was accused of being a "white party," implying that they did not want to work with any black people and hence opted not to be fully affiliated with the ANC.

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