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Hungry community members beg army for food in South Africa

Community of Diepsloot in the north of Johannesburg begged police and army for food for the first time they saw them in the area, it is reported by Sowetan live that the community made the loudest noise as old men, young men , women and children shouted begging fo food as the soldiers and police passed them yesterday urging them to go into their yards and adhere to lock down regulations.

“We are hungry, we are hungry," shouted residents to the convoy moving in the small narrow roads in Diepsloot Extension 6. The convoy was received with caution by the community as some residents ran away fearing arrest, those willing to listen to the army speaking on a megaphone were also given Covid-19 awareness pamphlets.

the army were in high alert in the area speaking through the rooftop of a military van with a loudspeaker saying people must go inside their houses and adhere to lock down rules, but the community responded by asking for food.

“We are pleading with you to stay in your homes. We do not want to lose any more lives, this virus is real" was a repeated call to residents.

meannwhile, at the Dieplsoot primary school there was a group of community members who were waiting for the past three days for food parcels that never came, the army had to disperse them so that they go home.

one community member who couldn’t hide her tears, Tshenolo Landane, she is 26 years old, she says that she was doing nothing wrong in the streets but just asking for food.

"I live with five children, three of my own and two from my sister, every day they come running to me asking if I have food, it pains me because my children are going to die of hunger," Landane said.

"I have been coming to the school for the past three days hoping to get food."

it is believed that the lady survives getting leftovers from relatives and strangers.

Her fellow community members says that they have never begged for food before and they have never seen anything like this before, one of them, Connie Naledi (42) said that she never had to beg for food before.

This is the first time I had to do something like this; we are not here because we want to, we are here because we don't have food in our homes. We want to abide with the rules, but we are begging for food."

Two people were arrested for drinking in public.

"We are here to create awareness of the virus, but we are also here to enforce the regulations. We are trying to save lives, so we ask the community to cooperate with us in order for the lockdown to be uplifted," said Capt Thabo Sello, speaking on behalf of the SANDF.

Asked about the recent cases of brutality from the army, he said: "We are investigating cases of brutality, it is not in the nature of our members to be abusive. We are talking to them and discouraging any form of abusive; they know what is right and what is wrong."

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