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Satan, The Snake And Fallen Angel Curse That Ruined Mankind

In The Beginning There Was God,the Earth And Angels.God Began To Become Bored In Heaven Because Of The Nature Of The Angels That Lived With Him.Unlike Human Beings,Angels Had No Sense Of Choice At The Time,They Always Did What God Told Them To Do.They Still Lived On The Earth At The Time,God Became Tired Of The Soil And Dirt.He Decided to Create Beings Of Flesh,Unlike Angels Who Are Beings Of Light.God Created A Garden Between The Four Rivers That Supplied The Earth With Fresh Water.God Called This Garden,Eden.He Created Two Beings Who Lived In The Jungle With The Animals,He Called Them Man And Woman.Satan,Who's Name Was Still Lucifer At The The Envied Man.He Envied Man Because God Had Given The Earth To Man,Satan Wanted It For Himself.He Was Jealous Because Of The Love And Attention That God Have To Man.He Had Been Beside God For So Long,He Thought He Deserved To Rule The Earth.That Was The Whole Reason Behind The Revolution That Led To Thousands Of Angels Falling From Heaven.Satan Was Still In God's Bad Books At The Time That The Garden Was Created.God Had Placed Angels On Every Entrance To The Garden In An Effort To Prevent The Fallen Angels From Entering.Satan Was Angry At God And Merged Himself With A Serpent In Order To Gain Entry.Once Inside The Garden He Noticed That The Woman Was More Naive Than The Man.Satan Took The Woman To The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil.He Deceived Her Onto Eating From That Tree,Her Eyes Opened And She Realised That She Was Naked.She Instantly Knew Everything About The Earth.She Later Deceived The Man Into Eating From The Tree As Well.This Made God Angry Because He Wanted Them To Learn For Themselves,While Entertaining Him On His Throne In Heaven.God Found Satan Still Merged With The Snake When He Came To Earth.He Punished Satan By Permanently Merging Him To The Snake.This Is Why Satan Still Has A Snake Tail Even Today.

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