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Dead People Not Resting In Peace

Another shocking discovery has made people to be shocked and also to ask themselve of what has this world become of. This has happened after it was discovered that the famous Dam has been built under dead people. 

This is also shocking as many people commentef that they knew something was wrong with Vaal but they could not understand. This has left many people shocked as a lot of people love going there to perform their duties. 

@Moepi, “But they clean the water, also distilled has chemicals. No water comes from heaven. All water either comes from the sea or river...get cleaned and bottled. Even sewage water gets cleaned and returned to's an open secret.”

@Ima, “This is beyond just drinking water from the cemetery, the restless spirits that are living in the water by force. And they descents would find it difficult to communicate with such ancestors cause they died twice.”

@ketso, “I always knew that there was something wrong with tap water. i have been drinking distilled for years on end!”

People were worried about the restless spirits and also on what is the government doing about such issues.

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Ima Moepi Vaal


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