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Are Indian Soldiers the masters of dry hands combat ? Here is how many opponents they have killed

The Indian army is well respected across the world because of its military equipment as well as the nuclear arsenal. In fact, very few countries have a nuclear arsenal and some choose to hide them or not confirm but all in all less than 10 countries have nuclear weapons. So very few countries dare to confront India and in some cases of confrontation, they were taught some tough lessons.

China and Pakistan are the usual recipients of the ire of Indian forces due to border disputes. Pakistan and Indian usually fight over the control of the Kashmir region while India and China fight over the control Himalayan region. Because of the demilitarization of the Himalayan region no weapons are allowed in the region. This means that whenever soldiers fight it's dry hands.

The last battle was fought in 2020 which lasted for hours, soldiers fought with fistfights, rocks and sticks, and iron bars pushing their opponents from mountain tops. Although India lost 20 soldiers who were killed it's the Chinese that suffers more losses cementing India's reputation as the master of dry hands.

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