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India drops £413m weapons deal with Russia in major blow to Kremlin

An analyst informed that India's decision to cancel a $413 million arms contract with Russia may indicate the country's intention to cancel such deals in the future and may inflict "long-term" damage to Vladimir Putin. This information was provided by an expert.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, India has a significant dependence on Russia for the acquisition of weapons, having provided Russia with more than $25 billion (£20 billion) over the course of the previous 10 years. However, after ripping up a weapons contract with Russia, it looks that India is now cutting its dependency on that country. At the beginning of this month, India decided to pause its discussions with Russia on the purchase of 10 Kamov Ka-31 airborne early warning helicopters.

If the transaction had gone through, the Kremlin would have received $520 million (or 413 million pounds).

According to Dr. Sameer Patil, a senior fellow at ORF Mumbai, this move may be a sign of "Indian thinking," implying that New Delhi may be on the approach of ripping up additional contracts. Dr. Patil made this statement to

He stated that: "About two weeks ago, there was a story that suggested India had abandoned one helicopter agreement with Russia.

The article did not specify if this was as a result of sanctions; nonetheless, it is possible that this was due to other concerns, such as pricing discussions and other such things.

"But that in and of itself provides the idea that this is the mindset of the Indian government with regard to these upcoming weapons and equipment sales with Russia,"

Putin and Modi together

India has canceled its agreement to purchase military hardware from Russia (Image: Getty )

Helicopter made in Russia

The discussions between India and Russia to buy 10 Kamov Ka-31 helicopters have been placed on hold as of this month (Image: Getty )

Despite the fact that this treaty was ripped up, there are still strong military relations between the two countries, and a pact that will allow for military and technological cooperation until 2031 is still in place.

More than 250 Su-30 MKi fighter planes, which were manufactured in Russia, are in service with India, along with seven submarines of the kilo class.

The Indian military has also made use of Russian Kalashnikov weapons, Russian-made Mi-17 transport helicopters, and a Russian-made aircraft carrier called the INS Vikramaditya. All of these pieces of military hardware were acquired from Russia.

In addition, it boasts more than 1,200 T-90 tanks, which were manufactured in Russia.

On the other hand, India may soon be able to wean itself off of its dependency on Russian armaments.

Indian tanks

India's military possesses more than 1,200 T-90 tanks, which were manufactured in Russia. (Image courtesy of Getty)

According to reports, New Delhi is looking to its own companies as well as a nation in eastern Europe to purchase this equipment from them instead.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, two government officials and a source inside the defense industry claim that India has been hurrying more hurriedly than usual to enhance domestic weapons manufacturing and ramp up imports from foreign partners. This is in contrast to the normal pace of India's efforts.

This statement was made this month by Air Marshal Vibhas Pande, who is in charge of maintenance operations for the Indian Air Force "The current geopolitical climate and international order, both of which are quite tumultuous, have also served to educate us on something important.

"If we want to guarantee predictability and stability... the only alternative we have is to have a completely self-reliant or self-sustained supply chain system developed within the country."

Kalashnikov weapons made in Russia were also utilized by the Indian military (Image: Getty )

Indian army

In order to lessen its reliance on Russia, India may seek to indigenous companies as well as European suppliers of armaments (Image: Getty )

Dr. Patil made the following observation on India's defense supplies: "India has been diversifying in terms of its defense suppliers, but it still requires Russia for certain significant equipment."

Therefore, "to compensate for the Russian (weapons and equipment losses), India would either search for fresh suppliers of that specific piece of equipment or capability or enhance its own domestic defense industry's capabilities."

Dr. Patil reportedly stated that Vladimir Putin would be subject to "long-term" repercussions in the event that India went ahead and severed these ties with the Kremlin.

He stated that "The effect of this will be one that lasts for a long time." Since the process of purchasing military equipment is time-consuming and drawn-out, India's decision not to purchase Russian weaponry in the near future will have a more significant long-term impact as opposed to a short-term one while the crisis in Ukraine is ongoing.


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