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Putin's last stand: Russia warned it will be crushed by UK in revenge for nuclear strike

VLADIMIR PUTIN has been told that the United Kingdom will obliterate Russia if he gives the go-ahead for a horrifying nuclear assault on the globe as part of a desperate last-ditch effort to win the war in Ukraine. The strike would be part of a desperate last-ditch effort to win the war in Ukraine.

Despite Vladimir Putin's repeated denials, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 after massing more than 100,000 troops along its border with its neighbor for several weeks. This occurred despite the fact that Putin had lied about Russia's genuine objectives. After massive military bombing, many cities across Ukraine have been reduced to ruins, and there have been rumors of mass graves holding the remains of thousands of people. This path of destruction has been left throughout the country. But many people, including many Russians, have pronounced Putin's war strategy to be a failure. These people have bemoaned the inability of Putin's army to prevail against the valiant resistance put up by the Ukrainians.

The Russian military has been forced to implement a significant strategy shift and redirect their attention to a different location after being driven out of cities they were certain they would be able to take.

There is a growing concern that a desperate Vladimir Putin may come to the conclusion that he is on the verge of defeat and turn to a risky strategy that the world dread the most: the use of nuclear weapons.

However, Nile Gardiner, an expert on foreign policy who also served as an aide to the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, stated the following to "The fact of the matter is that Russia is well aware that the use of nuclear weapons by Russia would result in the destruction of Russia.

"Since the conclusion of World War Two, this has been the condition of affairs, and every Russian leader that has come into power since then is aware that if Russia were to initiate a nuclear strike, it would be the end of Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

The latest from Putin: the United Kingdom has threatened to obliterate Russia with nuclear retaliation if Russia ever conducts a nuclear attack (Image: GETTY)

vladimir putin

News about Vladimir Putin: There are concerns that the Russian leader may resort to the use of nuclear weapons (Image: GETTY)

"To say nothing of what the United States possesses, even the United Kingdom possesses nuclear weapons that are capable of incapacitating Russia on their own.

If the Russians attacked the United Kingdom, the only thing that could save Russia at that point would be a strong defense from the United Kingdom.

The use of such hyperbole, according to Mr. Gardiner, is nothing more than "typical Russian propaganda." He does not believe that Vladimir Putin would ever risk using nuclear weapons.

According to him, this is being done as an intimidation technique in an attempt to "bring the fear of God into Western countries" in a last-ditch effort to break up NATO.

nuclear weapons located in Russia

The latest news from Putin: a nuclear blast might do unfathomable devastation (Image: GETTY STOCK)

The expert on international affairs proceeded by saying: "At the same time, most of the rhetoric coming out of Russia regarding the use of nuclear weapons is designed to be threatening and intimidating.

"Its purpose is to sow discord inside NATO and to intimidate nations who have aspirations of joining that defense alliance.

"This is nothing more than the typical form of propaganda that is used by the Russian government; they are making a variety of threats and are attempting to drive a wedge between the Western alliance members.

"As part of their nuclear posture, Russia is always ready to use their nuclear weapons, which, given the country's large number of nuclear weapons, should not come as a surprise to anybody.

russia ukraine conflict

The Russian Federation is responsible for the damage that can be seen across Ukraine, according to recent reports from Putin (Image: GETTY)

russian forces

The latest news from Putin is that Russian soldiers have been unable to make substantial inroads in numerous Ukrainian cities (Image: GETTY)

"It is also a part of their psychological warfare operation that is aimed to bring the fear of God into Western countries," the author writes. "They are trying to put the fear of God into Western countries."

However, Mr. Gardiner has continued to issue warnings that Putin might be at his most dangerous with Russia's war plan faltering, and that he would always be thinking about getting vengeance.

He asked people all over the globe not to underestimate what the Russian President is capable of, comparing him to a snake that is thrashing around in a sack while it waits for the right moment to attack someone. He was urging people not to underestimate what the Russian President is capable of.

Mr Gardiner added: "These days, Vladimir Putin is a very furious man who is always thinking about vengeance and a variety of other things.

russia military losses

The latest revelation from Putin: a map of Russia's nuclear arsenal (Image: EXPRESS)

"He is still a threat, and it is likely that he always will be, so we must continue to be vigilant.

"We must never, under any circumstances, discount what Vladimir Putin is capable of doing.

He reminds me of a snake that's being confined in a sack, and we all know what happens when snakes bite.


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