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Top Five Most Dreaded Africa Leaders Ever; No. 4 Eats Human Flesh

The African Continent's had a number of terrible dictators the 1950s until the early 1990s, these countries were subjected to terrible tyrants, and some have never been able to recover from the effect of their actions. These ruthless despots have killed a large number of Africans.

Here is a few among the most dangerous:

1. Joshua Blahyi, General Butt Naked

Joshua Blahyi, often known as General Butt Naked, was a military commander in the army of Liberian rebel leader Roosevelt Johnson. During the first Liberian Civil War, which started in the early 1990s, he accepted responsibility for around 20,000 deaths, and he admitted as much during his trial. General Blahyi led a large number of inebriated young boys and youngsters into fights in which they fought nude or dressed as ladies. They were invincible due to his perversion during the combat, which was a military-style concept. He eventually became a Christian evangelist.

2. Jean Kambande Fr. Rwandan President

When Rwanda's president was slain, he was appointed caretaker president. Further inquiry revealed that he had the ability to intervene in the genocide but chose not to. He was determined to be criminally responsible. Rather, during the Rwandan Genocide of 1993 and 1994, he supplied them with rifles and ammunition. He denied knowing they would be used in a genocide that ended in the deaths of about 800,000 people.

3.The Young soldier, Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony founded the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. He was suspected of kidnapping up to 60,000 children in order to use them as child soldiers. According to accounts, his military efforts murdered an estimated 1,000 people each week. As a result, he was charged with ethnic cleansing and war crimes in Uganda. Throughout the war, many children were killed.

4. Uganda's Idi Amin

The Ugandan Genocide Commission is another well-known Ugandan tyrant.

Idi Amin received the nickname "Butcher Uganda." due to his proclivity for assassinating political opponents and anybody else who got in his way.

More than 300,000 people are thought to have died as a result of Idi Amin's ascension to power in Uganda in 1971.

His death tainted the reputation of his country, as well as, unfortunately but inexorably, that of Africa. In his efforts to expel Asians and foreigners from his country, he has committed a number of errors.

His extravagant spending on foreign money handed to Uganda throughout the years squandered millions of dollars allocated for the development of Makerere University, one of Africa's most distinguished schools.

Idi Amin's eating habits are also terrible.

During state dinners, he devours honeycomb and uncooked larvae.

There is infamous believe that Idi Amin enjoys eating the human flesh of those he has executed (as a cannibal).

5.Rwanda's Bosco Ntanganda

Warlord who played a role in the overthrow of Rwanda's regime in 1994. Because of his achievements in the Congo, he climbed to the position of Chief of Military Operations and earned the moniker "Terminator. " As a result of his crimes against humanity, up to 800,000 people have died. This individual is a tyrant who abuses his power.


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