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`See Reasons Why A Man Allegedly Killed Himself, Leaving Behind 36 Children

See Reasons Why A Man Allegedly Killed Himself, Leaving Behind 36 Children

The entire village of Igbe-Ijoh in Warri South Local Government has been plunged into mourning following reports that a notable son of the community committed suicide lately, according to reports. Friday Igbegbe, a former rebel leader in the Niger Delta who is also a titled chief in his community, was the victim of the attack.

According to a report in the Tribune, the former soldier committed himself via a method that has not yet been determined. He was survived by 36 offspring and numerous marriages. The reasons why the militant leader committed suicide will be discussed in detail in this report.

He had been suffering depression for quite some time before to his death.

It has been said that, for years, Igbegbe has been battling depression, and that numerous attempts have been made to help him, all to no avail. Even the members of the community banded together to help him because he was a well-respected leader in the community, but the more they tried to help him, the deeper he slid into melancholy. It is not known what caused the depression, but it could not have been tied to the economy because he was a wealthy guy with a lot of money at the time. provided the image.

He had a drug addiction and was obsessed with it.

Aside from being depressed, Igbegbe was rumored to be addicted to drugs. His heroin addiction had become so severe that he was admitted to a rehabilitation facility in Ogbomoso, but he was forced to leave before the program could be completed. Instead of spending six months at a rehabilitation center, Igbegbe only stayed for a few weeks before fleeing. He returned home to his drug-addicted lifestyle, which he maintained until he eventually committed suicide.

Depression is a silent killer that goes unnoticed.

Depression, according to reports, is a huge silent killer not only in Nigeria, but around the world as a whole. In the United States, depression is the second biggest cause of suicide among adults aged 19 to 29 years, according to the World Health Organization.

However, it is also quite prevalent among older people, particularly in a nation such as Nigeria, where many individuals are trying to make ends meet.

According to doctors, one of the most effective strategies to combat depression is to keep an eye out for the first signs of the condition. Igbegbe most likely did not live because help arrived too late; the depression had gotten the better of him by that point. By the time they got him into rehab, it was too late to save his life.

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