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EXCLUSIVE: ANC slaps Carl Niehaus with disciplinary charges

The ANC has chosen to organize disciplinary charges against suspended part, and Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) representative Carl Niehaus once more. 

Autonomous Media has seen charge sheet where the ANC is a complainant and Niehaus is the charged part. 

As per the charge sheet, the ANC is illuminating Niehaus "When you willfully joined and was acknowledged as an individual from the ANC, a deliberate political association, you made a grave presentation, bury alia, to comply with the points and goals of the ANC, other properly took on arrangement positions, regard the association and constructions, fill in as a steadfast individual from the association, protect the solidarity and respectability of the association, and battle any propensity towards interruption and factionalism as set out in Rule 4.16 of the ANC Constitution;. 

"That as far as Rule 5 of the ANC Constitution you had the obligation, bury alia, to do whatever it takes to comprehend and complete the points, strategies and projects of the ANC, battle promulgation hindering to the premium of the ANC and safeguard the approaches points and program of the ANC. 

"Rule 25.2 of the Constitution of the ANC places a commitment on all individuals, including you, to find out about the substance of the Constitution, Standing Orders, Rules, Regulations, Resolutions and strategies embraced or made as far as this Constitution," read the charge sheet. 

In July this year, Niehaus was suspended by the ANC. 

Then, at that point, a letter from ANC representative secretary-general Jessie Duarte said Niehaus expressions at Nkandla in challenge the capture of previous president Jacob Zuma, brought the party into offensiveness and, accordingly, the party chose to suspend his enrollment. 

Duarte said the NEC had settled that such direct repudiated Rule 25.17 of the ANC constitution. 

Last month the ANC terminated Niehaus for wrongdoing. The party said it would just draw in Niehaus within the sight of his attorneys. 

On Thursday, Niehaus and his previous associate MacDonald Mathabe sent a letter of interest to the party authorities, to pay their exceptional compensations. 

The letter of interest from Mabuza Attorneys, addressing the couple, was sent prior on Thursday and addressed to Duarte. 

The ANC, nonetheless, didn't react exactly. 

The party said Niehaus is accused of having submitted six counts of being at legitimate fault for contradicting Rules 25.17.5. 

"Your direct additionally comprises a disappointment, refusal or disregard to consent to an ANC goal, in contradiction of Rule 25.17.3 of the ANC Constitution," said the ANC. 

The ANC said Niehaus is needed to go to a disciplinary hearing to be led by the NDC on November 21 and 22, through a virtual stage. 

"You reserve the option to be addressed by an individual from the ANC on favorable terms and who has been a part on favorable terms, for a base time of 90 days before the date of beginning of the disciplinary hearing. You might call observers to make your protection and in alleviation of authorization and to deliver supporting archives, and to question observers called by the ANC for the arraignment of the charges. 

"The disciplinary procedures will be a one phase request, and you will likewise be needed to lead proof in alleviation of assent in the event that you so want," said the ANC. 

Addressing IOL subsequent to getting the charge sheet, Niehaus said he was distraught. 

"I discover the succession of occasions that presently lead to these charges being served today calm ridiculous. There are no fortuitous events throughout everyday life, and absolutely not in legislative issues. After the ANC neglected to charge me inside the necessary 30 days, after I was briefly suspended, I am presently unexpectedly today charged for remarks that I made at the Nkandla Residence of president Jacob Zuma some time, prior over the course of the few days of July 2 to 4. 

"After my brief suspension passed, on the grounds that no charges were brought against me, an individual from the lawful group that address me was drawn closer by a NEC individual from the ANC, asking that I should drop the criminal allegations that I have laid against the National Office Bearers and the ANC, as response for my participation having been reestablished. I reacted that I track down that crazy. I won't be paid off, and paid off. I have laid those criminal accusations since I accept genuine wrongdoings have been carried out by senior pioneers and directors of the ANC. This is mafia-like conduct, attempting to pay me off." Niehaus said.

Source: IOL news

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