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Will the Gxabhashe family defeat the Mhlongo's? See what happens

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Apparently it seems like this might be the end of the little princess of Kwamashu township as we all know that Nkunzi kicked Nosipho out of her own home, she is now the laughing stock hence people know her as the princess of Kwamashu. You will remember that Nosipho is now staying at the shack full of big rats and she seems to be scared of those rats,however that might come to an end soon because we all know that she is a very smart and strong woman. Apparently we all can see that she is very desperate and there is no one on her side as her mother Mangcobo recently left, however things might turn out for Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo Apparently you will remember that Nkunzi and his son Sibonelo almost buried Nosipho alive but the big question is do you think this was going to happen if Mangcobo was still around? Remember that she loved her children too much and she would do anything for them. The junkies recently broke in to Nosipho's shack and took everything including food and clothes, it seems like everyone is turning their back on her except for Nonkanyiso who recently brought her food after finding out what happened to herLeave your comments please



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