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OPINION| Are Somalians Allowed to use Guns on Blacks ?

When Indians were killing black people in Phoenix I saw a lot of comments from black people supporting the killing of black people saying they support the Indians. Now Somalians are burning taxis and walking around in our streets carrying rifles and black South Africans are saying they support them. hay whats wrong with black South Africans guys?Y'all celebrated the killing of innocent black people who got nothing to do with the looting who were killed whilst coming back from work and others on the way to the petrol station. Somalians are burning taxis and carrying rifles on our streets you support them. Guys I dont care if the taxi drivers started it but the is no way as a citizen of this country you can be comfortable knowing foriegn nationals have access to such weapons in our country, and they feel comfortable enough to walk around with them publiclyRemember not so long ago the American intelligence warned the South African government that islamic terrorists, are hiding in South Africa and yesterday we saw videos of Somalians carrying big guns on our streets shouting allah akbah so this should worry you. Not long ago foriegners attacked our police in hillbrow and our police had to retreat, nowhere else in the world do you find foriegn nationals behave the way they behave in SA. These people fled from their country from war seeking asylum in SA because they scared to die but in SA, suddenly they brave to fight and burn taxis and even attack the police but in their country they could not do that. This country will be taken away right infront of us soon we native South africans will be foriegners in our own country. Indians are armed, Yts are armed even foriegn nationals are armed it seems its only us natives, who are not armed in this country and you cant take stones to a gun fight

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