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Open Letter To Swaziland's Army | OPINION

Your mandate should be to promote national security. The salaries you receive come from taxes that are paid by the people. Don't you dare bite the hand that feeds you, don't make the mistake of thinking we are the enemy. Remember you are not royal security officers, you are the nation's last line of defence.

Think Before You Do

It has been a season of bloodshed and destruction for Swaziland. Lives have been lost, all because the king refuses to give up power to the people. Police officers have been shot and killed by the solidarity forces. It's time army personnel started to side with the people, otherwise we might see a full-blown civil war take place. 

Not all days are the same, the situation can easily change. Know that the people are the majority, the people are the ones with real power. You may think you are safe with your guns and military gear, but the fact is you live in the community. You cannot gun down the masses and expect them to welcome you into the community. 

Make Peace, Not War

This is a serious crisis we are facing. How you carry yourselves as soldiers will have a great bearing on the future of Swaziland. The recent burning of the military helicopter was supposed to send a message that you were meant to understand instantly. We are fed up and we won't let anyone, not even you, deter us from our goals. 

Do you think you can go on mistreating us and live to tell the tale? Do you forget that Swazi citizens are the ones that pay the bills in Swaziland? Don't you know that when you abuse emaSwati, you're doing so to your brothers and sisters. Be on the right side of history, do what's right, and pick your battles. 

This has been a message from the Solidarity Forces' cyberterrorism division. We'll be watching you closely, we'll be waiting for you to do what's right. God is watching you, so make sure your actions are pleasing unto him. We thank you in advance and we wish you all the best. Salute!

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