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Guns Are Not Expensive, Protect Yourselves.

Competence certificate is R70 and firearm license is R140. A Glock costs less than R10k too. Protect yourself. This is something that many people don’t know and they go around not knowing that it only could cost them less than R10 000 to protect themselves.

This is very true it doesn't take much to protect yourself against criminals in this country although we have to warn that criminals tend to target people who are harmed in order to take their posters, and go commit the criminal activities with people's guns so having a pistol is also something very dangerous in this country unless you are able to use it instantly to shoot someone whenever is necessary it's just something is great for many people.

A lot of people in this country are at the mercy of criminals it is only fair that they take up arms and protect themselves from these criminal activities, and criminals it is much better if everyone in the country's armed so that they can shoot and protect themselves.

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