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Putin humiliated as blitzkrieg plans collapse - Moscow faced with more 'months' of war

After capturing control of the Luhansk province in the eastern Donbas area, Vladimir Putin's Russian soldiers are nearly at a standstill in their quest to take fresh portions of Ukraine. The Donbas region is located in the east.

Following their successful capture of the Luhansk region in Ukraine, Russian troops are now working feverishly to make additional inroads into the country. In the early stages of the conflict, Russian forces were unsuccessful in their mission to invade the entirety of Ukraine. As a result, President Vladimir Putin of Russia redirected Russian forces to the Donbas region, an area in which Russian forces had previously been unable to make significant inroads. After nearly completing their conquest of the rebel province of Luhansk, which was supported by Russia, Russian forces are now focusing their attention on the separatist province of Donetsk.

However, according to a Major General, their actions have the potential to become mired down in the face of resistance from the Ukrainians.

General Cross had the following response when he was asked how long it will take for Russian soldiers to conquer Donetsk: "I would guess a couple of months."

Mariella Frostrup, who hosts Times Radio, remarked that "That's quite a long period" when asked about the duration.

Mr Cross said: "Yeah. Indeed, it is, but the going is incredibly slow and laborious. You should realize that the conflict began with an attempt to engage in some kind of manoeuvre warfare, or what we would refer to as "manoeuvre warfare" in today's terminology.

Major General Tim Cross predicted that Vladimir Putin's forces will be disorganized at this phase of the conflict (Image: GETTY)

According to statements made by Major General Tim Cross, it will take the Russians a few of months to conquer Donetsk. (Photo courtesy of TWITTER and @TimesRadio)

Mr. Cross made the observation that "but it's transformed into attrition and extremely slow-moving." To give you an example, some individuals have compared it to the First World War. To tell you the truth, I believe it to be an exaggeration. In spite of this, what is occurring is consistent with the manner in which Russians typically conduct business.

"Every day, they go through around 20,000 rounds of ammunition, which includes artillery ammo. And their mode of operation is, you know, to demolish, and then simply go in gently and start working their way forward inch by inch. And this is exactly what is taking place.

"And the Ukrainians are suffering a significant number of casualties. And they have come to terms with the fact that this is the reality. They have decided to step down at this time in order to pursue other opportunities. But despite this, they are still making an effort to fight a tenacious and relentless defensive operation.

After being unsuccessful in their invasion of the northern region of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was forced to reroute his soldiers. (Image: GETTY)

Donetsk is currently the focus of attention for Russian military forces. (Image: EXPRESS)

Mr. Cross continued by saying, "And I don't think the Russians are going to let up on this until they have captured Donetsk and the entire of this region." The issue that arises then is, what happens after that? They have not said that they are no longer attempting to seize control of the entirety of Ukraine.

The relocation to Odessa and the area farther north of the Black Sea appears to be proceeding as planned. After they have successfully taken control of the Donbass region, I get the impression that they will be open to the idea of talking.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine stated that his soldiers had "no option" but to "push back" and "destroy the offensive potential" of Russian forces. This statement was made in light of the fact that Russian forces are inching closer to taking the entirety of Luhansk.

Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that there is "no choice" for his forces other than to "push back" (Image: GETTY)

Bakhumt and Sloviansk, both of which are located closer to the border with Donetsk, have recently emerged as the new epicenters of the battle, which had previously been centered in the city of Lysychansk.

The governor of Luhansk stated that Ukrainian soldiers are ready to maintain the line and repel any Russian onslaught that may come their way.

Vladimir Putin, in a televised address, thanked Russian forces on "liberating" Luhansk and told them to get some rest after their accomplishment.

The delayed progress of the Russian invasion has resulted in massive deaths on the Russian side, with estimates ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


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