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Putin's invasion nightmare exposed as tens of thousands of Russians dead

In a critical assessment of VLADIMIR PUTIN, Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith tells that the Russian President was "dumb" to send his forces into Ukraine and that the invasion has been a "unmitigated disaster."

More than five months after it began, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is still nowhere close to being over. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor in the south of Ukraine has come under perilously near shelling. This facility is still staffed by Ukrainians, but it is located in territory that Russian forces have taken control of. Russia and Ukraine each laid the blame for the site's shelling upon the other. The confrontations near Zaporizhzhia are a part of a larger conflict as Ukraine attempts to reclaim some of the ground that was lost in the beginning.

While Moscow's soldiers have mostly taken over the south and east of the country, they have not succeeded in seizing Kyiv, as most people believed they would at the beginning of the war.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a Conservative lawmaker, now claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin would "regret the day" he chose to attack Ukraine.

Sir Iain criticized the "disastrous" Russian invasion, saying: "Let's not mince words—it has been a disaster for them. For Russia, the invasion of Ukraine has been a complete failure.

"Be careful what you wish for should be a lesson to all dictatorships.

People who are patriotic will fight to the bitter end to protect what they believe to be the most essential thing—their nation.

News about Putin: Putin's invasion did not go as planned (Image: getty)

According to Putin, Russia may have lost 80,000 soldiers (Image: getty)

He also emphasized the devastating losses that Russia has sustained throughout the conflict: "I have no idea what it feels like to lose, but I do know that they must be regretting and lamenting the day they attempted to do this right now.

"Tens of thousands of Russians have died, immeasurable amounts of equipment has been destroyed, and if it weren't for Russian propaganda, the mothers and fathers of the dead sons would already be calling for a withdrawal.

"Never before was a choice made by one specific guy, with what is very obviously a hunger for power, more dumb."

Information about Russia's losses in Ukraine is not frequently made public.

According to Colin Kahl, the under secretary of defense for policy at the US Pentagon, between 70,000 and 80,000 Russians have died in the war.

News about Putin: Russian troops in Mariupol (Image: getty)

There is a lot of fog in the battle, but I think it's safe to say that the Russians have likely suffered 70,000–80,000 casualties in less than six months, he told reporters.

"Now, that's a combination of killed in action and injured in action. That number might be a little lower or higher, but I think that's kind of in the ballpark."

According to sources, Moscow has also sustained significant casualties in terms of military hardware.

According to military numbers cited by The Kyiv Independent, Russia has lost 223 planes, 1,805 tanks, and 191 helicopters since the war began.

According to military analysts, as Ukraine gets ready to try to reclaim the city of Kherson, a pivotal phase of the battle is drawing near.

News about Putin: Duncan Smith predicted that Putin would regret the invasion (Image: getty)

Putin news: Russia has taken control of Kherson (Image: getty)

The city, which is in Ukraine's south, has been under Russian military control since March.

Kherson is "strategic essential" for both sides, according to Peter Dickinson, editor of the UkraineAlert Service of the Atlantic Council, in an essay published earlier this month on the think tank's website.

If Ukraine were to retake the city, he continued, it would be "personally embarrassing for Vladimir Putin."

Kherson, according to Mr. Dickinson, "holds the key to Russian goals in southern Ukraine" because it is the only city on the western bank of the Dnipro river that is under Russian control.


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