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Here Are The Top 5 Most Elite Soldier Special Forces In The World Today.

Amongst the special arm forces in the world we have some countries that have thee most formidable elite forces we never thought would exist in the world. They are built and designed to go above the missions you'd play on call of duty. Everything from training to missions is not something that normal soldiers do or would dream of doing.

The normal training for any of the special elite forces might take up to 20 months then more advanced training continues and out of 1000 trainees 20 might make into the first team. Starting off we have:-

Shiyatet 13 from Israel

Shayetet 13 is a marine commando unit operating in the sea, on land, and in the air in a variety of daring and special activities. The fleet engages in various operational activities, including strategic damage to enemy maritime infrastructures, as well as gathering high-quality intelligence on enemy operations.


Shayetet 13 operates a summer course for teenagers about to enter military service considering joining the unit, who have the opportunity to get a taste of training in diving, raids, navigation, boats, and more. Those who enlist in Shayetet 13 are put through a five-stage training process: Selection process.

Alpha Group from Russia

The group is a dedicated counter-terrorism task force of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which primarily prevents and responds to violent acts in public transportation and buildings. It was created by the Soviet KGB in 1974.

SEAL Team from The United States

Navy SEAL, SEAL in full Sea, Air, and Land, in the U.S. Navy, a member of a special operations force trained to engage in direct raids or assaults on enemy targets, conduct reconnaissance missions to report on enemy activity (especially prior to beach landings), and take part in action against terrorist groups.

The SEAL team is know for tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden

The S.A.S from British

The Special Air Service (SAS) is famous around the world. Its highly trained men are renowned for their skills in covert surveillance, close-combat fighting and hostage rescue. The SAS was created during the Second World War, when small bands of soldiers were dropped behind enemy lines in North Africa and Europe.

Delta Force from The United State

Delta Force is part of Task Force Green in the United States Army. It primarily deals with hostage rescues as well as counter-terrorism. It also is involved in direct action and special reconnaissance work against high-value targets. Meanwhile, the Navy SEALs is short for “Navy, SEa, Air, and Land teams”

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