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Mzansi: A Video Of Lesotho Nationals Showing Big Guns In Public Saddened Mzansi

Individuals are presently living in dread as a result of recordings that are circling via web-based entertainment showing what it is accepted that The Lesotho Nationals moving around with huge weapons that are not reasonable to be openly space.

Indeed, even government officials are likewise worried about the video ofthese individuals flowing in web-based entertainment showing individuals with enormous weapons in open this is extremely off-base since individuals should live in a climate which is ok for everybody.

first firearms are not even permitted to be shown in open since they breed dread not exclusively to youngsters yet in addition to every one individuals realize will ask themselves that what are these weapons utilized for.

Since we are not a living in a disaster area however we need to live in a climate which is safein such a way we can likewise send the kids to proceed to get us something from the shop.

without stressing that they will return alive or not but since in each express the hoodlums this will not have the option to occur.

The following are remark made by individuals.

Well am not an individual from dudula yet basically they are accomplishing some different option from us all being crowd in our country.

These folks don't mug people,dont assault our sisters,don't highjack vehicles. In the unwanted mines disapproving of their organizations ba ipatlela fela masalla a Gauta.They MIGHT be offspring of the Marikana laborers who were killed for battling for what they merited. I said MIGHT.

Are low the lesotho police are doing extraordinary job..I've being there I know, that is the reason this folks are doing wrongdoings outside lesotho they know very well in lesotho they don't they act


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