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Palestinians runs out of medical supply as Israel continues firing Rockets all over Gaza

State of calmness now. This is something to be concerned about, because each time it gets calm, it turns to hell #GazaUnderAttack

In the heart of Gaza. In the main market and where we buy all our clothes and dresses and accessories. All gone. Tens of families lost their source of living on a blink of an aye after Israeli warplanes targeted a 15 floors tower

my heart hurts for these children...why should they have to suffer like this? why should they have to worry about being murdered for simply being palestinian?

This is heartbreaking breaking and so depressing. Tomorrow is Eid and I don't feel like celebrating it. Please please wake up Muslim countries. Its time to take an action. Imagine your brother, father, son or husband being attacked by Israelis like this.

Palestinian Ministry of Health in an updated statement; 65 martyrs, including 16 children, five women, and 365 wounded, in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

It is indecent, immoral, and unethical that the Israeli are treating Palestinian the way their people were treated in WW2. Y'all people who stood up for Holocaust are now being silent, even though social media has exposed their crimes!


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