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Russia Destroys US, European Shipments Of Weapons At Railway Station

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Russia claims to have destroyed a large "concentration of military equipment from the United States and European nations" near the Kharkiv train station.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the equipment was struck north-northwest of Kharkiv, near the Bogodukhov rail line station.

The Ukrainian side has not elaborated on the strike. The Russians have bombarded Bogodukhov more than once.

In addition, the Russians asserted that a munitions depot was destroyed in Bakhmut, a staging area for Ukrainian military operations in the east.

Ukraine reported early Saturday morning airstrikes on Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, resulting in the destruction of a factory and the deaths of two people.

In the Izium region, where fighting has raged for almost a month, the Russian Defense Ministry also reported that its air defences had shot down thirteen Ukrainian drones and intercepted three Ukrainian Tochka-U long-range missiles.

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