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War Vets Threaten Mnangagwa: If You Don’t Release Money Today We’ll Spill Out Hidden Secrets

It is not a secret that Emmerson Mnangagwa, the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, has got too many secrets that are buried. There may be buried, but the time is coming where they are going to be unveiled, and everybody will know what this man has done in the past, and some of those secrets we know that he was not alone. He was with the late former president of Zimbabwe Gabriel Robert Mugabe. So the war veterans looks like they have not been given their money, and they're now threatening to spill the beans if Mnangagwa does not release their money. So it's only a matter of time, Mnangagwa's time is almost up.

Do you know that there are certain things that we could reveal today & will reveal when we get in power, but we don't want that...

Tell ED, that money must be deposited into the account today or tomorrow, war vets fire demands on @edmnangagwa

Thank you

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