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It could be the time of the fulfillment, he warned South Africa against terrorism (Dr Ian Ndlovu)

It could be the time that the prophet of God prophesied about, what he saw in a vision about Southern Africa. At the same time he was asking the church to pray against terrorism that has happened in Mozambique that, it should not come over to South Africa and Zimbabwe and Zambia.

He said in his prophecy that, he saw these terrorist targetting malls and other public places where people like to gather in numbers. We were seeing these things in movies, and we just thought that they are just the movies that won't go beyond the tv screen, but otherwise the movie stars themselves, were giving us a message that this can happen in real life, and it is very easy for terrorist to take control, or to threaten the national security.

So this could be the beginning of it all, and if it is the fulfilment of the prophecy of this man of God, we better tighten our seatbelts, and focus on the situation, otherwise we stand to lose a lot.

We just ask for the church, the believers to pray against this situation. I know that when it comes to such situations like this, that's when politicians will stop already ridiculing the Children of God, begging for their God to intervene, it's very funny.

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