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Leaked Voice note uncovers what Foreign Nationals are planning against Operation Dudula

Foreign nationals intend to arm themselves against Operation Dudula personnel.

South Africa's immigration dilemma has reached a point of no return. Advancements, such as Operation Dudula, have been designed to address the situation, but it appears that new nationals will be prepared to fight back.

A voice note was transmitted by virtual diversion to distant public speaking. This voice note was being streamed on WhatsApp, and a Twitter user tweeted it.

The new open chat on the video states that they have AK-47s and would distribute them to their people. They assert that they will go for the kill swiftly and without hesitation should anyone dare to approach them. The speaker states that they have created packages for all nationals, and if someone is offended by another, they should send their region to a meeting, where they will fight for them. You could stand patiently while listening to the voice note below.

Foreign nationals are willing to struggle to remain in the nation. According to all reports, this is unfriendly, as they should not be in the nation illegally. The speaker attacked the country's rules since they are now required to shoot anyone in their own country.

As the relocation dilemma has disrupted the tranquility of South Africans as well as the nation's safety, this issue must be addressed by the government.

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