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South Africans Hit Back At SANDF For Hitting Back At Afriforum.

As the SANDF retaliated against Afriforum, South Africans retaliated in kind.

Afriform recently proposed a program to regulate entry and exit from the continent. To protect the borders from drug- and weapon-carrying illegal immigrants, they sent in two sniffer dogs. The SANDF has not taken this news well, but it has been warmly received by South Africans who have been complaining about the immigration situation.

The South African Defense Force responded to Afriforum, claiming that it is the SADF's duty, and not that of any other groups or non-state organizations, to protect and patrol the country's borders.

Not surprisingly, this did not sit well with the South Africans, many of whom felt that others would not carry out their responsibilities if they did not. Others have pointed out that there wouldn't be as many illegal immigrants if people just did what they were supposed to do.

Afriforum members who own land along the border should not take orders from the South African National Defense Force (SANDF ZA) to not protect their homes, families, and cattle from illegal Zimbo invaders, the group argues.

If the Department of Defense did its job properly, "We wouldn't have such vast numbers of undocumented persons, I presume bj's, bend overs were tickets for illegals to cross," the author writes.

They go around keeping the peace in other countries while their own country is wide open to assault.

The SANDF should carry out their duties if they do not want outside parties to do so. They should be humiliated that someone else has taken an initiative to accomplish their job. This exemplifies the government of South Africa's incompetence and failure to meet the needs of its people.

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