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How Somali Nationals Used Deadly Weapons And Sophisticated Guns On Taxi Drivers

There are questions that have been going back and forth in the minds of South Africans since some Somali Nationals engaged taxi drivers in a duel of gunfire 

— Who gave them guns?

—Are these guns licensed?

—Did they purchase these guns in South Africa?

—Did they come to South Africa with these deadly weapons?

—What are their reasons of owning such catalogue of armoury in a foreign country?

—In a world where terrorism and religious extremism is on the rise, are these guns safe in their hands?

—Can South Africa Government be able to deal with Islamists insurgency that could be inevitable now that they are piling up weapons for themselves?

—Why are the police and SANDF not ready to disarm them simultaneously?

— What will it take the government to deport the illegal immigrants and Undocumented foreigners among them before it degenerate to an insurgency?

-What were their reasons of shouting Allah Akbar as they shoot and burn taxis?

These are some numerous questions many South Africans are asking on social media and no one have been able to provide them with answers. South Africans are complaining that foreigners are overriding them in their country, saying that the kind of weaponry used by Somali Nationals today is a proof that many South Africans are no longer safe. It also reveals the porous nature of South Africa borders. How could foreigners, Undocumented foreigners and illegal immigrants for that matter, pile up such a catalogue of sophisticated ammunition? Many questions are begging for answers. This prompted a South African youth to ask on Twitter, “I’m surprised by the gun inventory displayed by Somali in their fight with taxi drivers in Korsten PE today. Taxi drivers literally ran, yaphela rank.

How did they get such heavy weaponry into the country?”. Of course, people should be worried. If they can do this to taxi drivers, who would they not do it to?

Again, a large chunk of the blame is being levelled against the government, saying that the porous nature of the borders are a direct inaction of the government. They believe that if the government is willing, they can put an end to this. A lady pointed out, “We've been saying for the longest time the refugees have been exposed to guns & they live among us…it's easy for security to breach any community because people are hungry”. 

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