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Meet The Ex-Soldier Who Shot Osama To Death, See Photos And Why He Was Excommunicated From The Team

When Osama Bin Laden died, or was killed, it was a watershed moment in the history of the globe since it marked the end of an era.

He has been linked to a number of mass atrocities in various parts of the world, including a bomb attack on an American embassy in Kenya in 1998 and an attack on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City on September 11, 2001, among others.

When the news broke that the commander of Al-Qaeda, who was operating under the leadership of Barack Obama, had been assassinated, the world reacted positively. The tape was presented in real time as a special operations squad known as the "Seal Team Six" planned up an ambush on Osama bin Laden's residence in Pakistan. "Operation Neptune Spear" was the name given to the operation.

When they perform these types of activities, they enlist the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (CIA). Soldiers are not allowed to take credit for their own work, according to the team's pledge. Everything is viewed as a collaborative effort.

However, one member of the team, O'Neil, went against the team's pledge and claimed credit for the achievement.

When a member of the team violates the silence code, they risk being murdered or fired from the team for their failure to keep their mouth shut. In his statement, O'Neill claimed that the other guys did not strike their targets and that he was the one who shot Osama. After many years of service, he was fired from the team as a result of his comments about the team.

Everyone in the gang is required to remain silent about what they did and how they went about it. They are unable to provide any type of personal credit.


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