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OPINION | Gqeberha violence might repeat itself if Somalian guns are not confiscated

As South Africans what do you call it when #Somalians pull our weapons of mass destruction in a host country? Surely there must be a word for this as it is acceptable to you.

I'm still not over Somalians trending instead of Somalis who left Mogadishu to cause problems in SA under the disguise of asylum seeking. Feeling betrayed by bo Hassan & their brothers arming on our land, so disrespectful.

l dont think in America, Britain and Russia foreigners can do this. Our government is too weak, internationals know it and they will continue doing this, remember in JHB what they did to SAPS. Somalians are becoming more problematic.

Somalians come to this country and make a way lot of money without paying tax and the pandemonium they caused in Qghebera was the last straw. We cannot allow foreign nationals to come here and undermine our rule of law without any consequences. Enough is enough.

Call us xenophobic all you want. we will vote for the party that put South Africans first. you guys were quite when Somalians burning taxis and Indians killing black people in Phoenix, we want illegal immigrants to leave South Africa.

Somalians have seen that, not every one in SA is willing to fight back as AMAZULU. Some can easily be chased away.

Country like Kenya learnt the lesson hard way from so called Somalian shop operators who went all out to assault locals and force them to close their businesses.

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